Consultancy services for public sector reforms, decentralisation and good governance
Examples of consultancy reports of general interest



Some of our reports are of a general analytical nature and of possible interest to a wider audience. We include a selection below, but more may be provided upon request.


Evaluation of Finnish Support to Local Governance and Decentralisation Processes

Dege Consult together with Particip of Germany carried an evaluation of the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs support to local governance and decentralisation projects/programmes. The evaluation was completed early 2012 and involved field work in Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland and Tanzania. Contact Hans B. Olsen for details.


Thematic Global Evaluation of EC Support to Decentralisation Processes

Dege Consult partners Per Tidemand and Hans Bjørn Olsen participated (as team leader and consultant) in this major evaluation of EC support to decentralisation processes in third countries. The work was complted early 2012 and included desk review of more that 23 countries and fieldwork in ten countries in Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America.

Public debate on the findings, conclusions and recommendations of the evaluation




Contact Per Tidemand for details.


Experiences with Service Charters at District Level (experiences from Malawi)

Dege Consult partner Henning Nilausen prepared with Desmond Kaunda, director at The Malawi Human Rights and Resource Center, a learning paper and guidance notes for preparation of district service charters.Click above links for details and/or contact Henning Nilausen for details.


Comparative Analysis of Decentralisation in Africa

DEGE Consult participated in the USAID funded comparative study on decentraliation in Afric(2011). DEGE Consult conducted the Tanzania  case study and participated in overall synthesis of findings from the 15 countries involved in the study. For details contact Per Tidemand.


Training Materials on Decentralisation Reforms

Dege Consult produced source materials for training on decentralisation for Danida, this included papers on

1) Political economy of decentralisation reforms,
2) Fiscal decentralisation and sector funding,
3) Decentralisation in the health sector
4) Decentralisation in the water sector
5) Decentralisation in the environment sector
6) General overview paper and official "How to Note" for Danida.

An overview of the 3 day seminar for dissemination and discussion is found here

For details contact Per Tidemand or Jesper Steffensen.



Block Grant System for Education Sector in Mongolia

In Mongolia in 2010 DEGE Consult assisted the Ministry of Education in designing a discretional grant for schools. For details contact Gerhard van't Land.



Fiscal Decentralisation Course in French (for Benin Commission Nationale de Finances Locales

In May 2010, DEGE Consult facilitated a shot introductory course on Fiscal Decentralisation in Benin for the members of the Commission Nationale des Finances Locales (Local Government  Finance Commission). As far as we know this has been one of the first times to extensively use the anglophone body of research and literature on the subject for a course in French.  For details contact Gerhard van't Land




Performance based local government grant systems

This report from 2010 provides an overview of concepts, key design issues and selected experiences from a large number of countries with recent experinces. It is in the process of being published as a book.

For details contact Jesper Steffensen.


Sector Budget Support for "Decentralisation" and Local Governments

As part of a wider study on Sector Budget Support Modalities by the ODI we provided analysis of experiences with sector budget support to local governments in Tanzania and Uganda



Impact of Local Government Reform in Tanzania 

This report explores the progress towards achieving the aim of transferring resources from central to local government, and devolving and decentralising power to create more autonomous Local Government Authorities (LGAs), as well as the objectives of improved local governance and service delivery during the first decade of the LGRP in Tanzania



Staff management and organisational performance in Tanzania and Uganda

1.     How may poor countries with limited budgets improve their public sector performance through better Human Resources Management (HRM)?

2.     How may donors assist?


Decentralisation Policy Review in Ghana

The report is an example of a comprehensive analysis at country level of current state of decentralisation and key issues related to overall policy, finance, huma resources, local accountability and reform coordination.



JICA funded study on decentralised service delivery (education, health and agriculture) and local governance in East Afria

This study explored modalties for decentrallisation and their impact on governance and service delivery in East Africa. Seperate reports were developed for Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and synthesized in a comparative report.


Survey of experiences with support to local governance and decentralization


The survey covered 7 organisations and countries assistance:

1) Belgium Technical Cooperation (BTC)

2) Danish International Development Assistance (Danida)

3) European Commission/ Europe Aid

4) France /Direction Generale de la Cooperation Internationale et du

Development (DGCID)/ AFD

5) Germany/ BMZ/GTZ/KfW

6) The Netherlands/DGIS

7) Switzerland/SDC



Selected General Sources on Decentralisation Reforms and Local Governance Issues