DEGE Consult has a strong team of associated consultants


Ann-Christine Leona Dellnas

Ann-Christine Leona Dellnas (PhD)

Over the past 15 years, Dellnas has been working as a knowledge management and capacity development professional in a variety of capacities in Sweden, USA, Southern Africa and in Asia. Her areas of expertise are capacity development for local governments, sustainable development, gender mainstreaming, decentralization processes, functional assignment, public sector management, local planning, result-based management, and program development and management.

Nazar Sola

Nazar Sola: Associate Consultant has over 15 years experience as a lecturer and consultant in the fields of communication skills, local governance, training and development and general management.

Nazar joined the Institute of Development Management (IDM) now Mzumbe University in 1987 as a tutorial assistant and later promoted as a senior lecturer in November 1999, which is still his current post. At the university Nazar has held various positions including chairman of the then Public Management Subject Panel, Head of the Local Government Center for three consecutive years and is currently heading the Languages and Communication Skills Department.

As Head of the Local Government Center he was instrumental in organizing and facilitating a number of short term training courses and other assignments for the Local Government Reform Programme (LGRP), the Urban Sector Rehabilitation Project (USRP) and individual Local Government Authorities. Sola has been associated with DEGE Consult for 4 years and have played a key role in DEGE assignments such as: study of staffing problems in peripheral LGAs for the LGRP, study on decentralisation, governance and service delivery for JICA and LG Capacity Building in Zanzibar for the World Bank.

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Revocatus Sangu

Revocatus Sangu

Revocatus Sangu: Associate Consultant is Tanzanian citizen and chartered accountant UK. He joined Coopers & Lybrand Associates Limited in 1993 from the University of Dar es Salaam where he had worked as a lecturer in accounting and finance. 

Prior to this Mr. Sangu worked with KPMG Ireland as an auditor/accountant where he gained experience in financial review and analysis. Mr Sangu has been involved in a wide range of assignments including assessment, design and implementation of financial systems in public and private sectors in Tanzania, Ghana, Ethiopia Uganda and Rwanda. For DEGE Consult Sangu recently completed an assessment of local government capacities in Sudan and is currently working on local government finance assignments in Tanzania. 

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Finn Lauritsen

Finn is a Danish citizen and holds a masters degree in political science. He has more than 25 years of working expertise within public financial management and decentralisation. 

His key qualifications are design and implementation of local government reforms including fiscal decentralisation and financial management systems. He has also extensive experience within financial governance and political economy analyses, institutional and organisational reviews, capacity development including training, audit and financial control, financial accountability, fiduciary risk, anti-corruption and aid support.


He has worked for many donors and financial institutions in several countries in Africa, Asia and Europe. 

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Henrik Nilsson

Henrik Nilson is a Danish citizen and an experienced and diligent Social Analyst with a successful track record in large-scale projects.

He has a demonstrable experience in the provision of Social Impact Assessments (SIA) and Resettlement Action Plans (RAP). He has wide ranging experience as a researcher and project manager with a proven ability to work effectively in challenging international environments and has worked to complete a comprehensive SIA and RAP for the crucial Nam Theun 2 Hydroelectric Project in Lao PDR; and a USD 1.4 billion project to develop a 1,070 Megawatt Hydropower station and successfully completed the editing of the Resettlement and Ethnic Minority Development Plan for the important Song Bung 4 Hydropower Project in Vietnam on behalf of the Asian Development Bank. This plan was accepted by the Bank and adopted as the template for all future plans of this kind.

Rest Barnabas Lasway

Is an expert in Education, as well as Social Development. Conversant with: strategic planning, project/program design, negotiation, donor coordination, policy analysis and formulation, program management, monitoring and evaluation, gender analysis and Civil Society engagement, conducting needs assessment, designing and organizing capacity building training programs.

She has mostly worked in Tanzania. In addition, he has carried out some specific shorter period assignments in Canada, Namibia, Malawi, and World Bank Head Office in Washington DC.

Lone Kaczmarez

Lone is a Danish citizen and an experienced practitioner in public administration and social affairs with more than 20 years of experiences. She has management experiences from positions within the public sector, and comprehensive skill and experiences within the area of social affairs, Human Resource management and public financial management, as well as crises management and support to and initiatives for vulnerable groups.

Lone Wienberg

Lone Wienberg

Lone is a Danish citizen and an experienced practitioner in public administration, social affairs and HR management from more than 20 years of experience. She has comprehensive experiences within the areas of management, public administration, human resources, working conditions and environment, social affairs/welfare initiatives and support to vulnerable groups. Lone Wienberg has extensive experiences in conflict resolution, mediation and negotiations from various management and consultant positions in the public sector. Lone Wienberg has experiences from specialist functions in the public sector, management funds as well as consultancy and advisory positions.


Lars Møller Larsen

Lars is a qualified civil engineer with 15 years expertise in developing and managing international infrastructure projects and programmes across Asia, Africa and Europe. His specialty is international infrastructure project/ programme management in the areas of: natural gas, biogas, water and sanitation, roads and transport, and environmental engineering including adaptation to climate change. Design and implementation of local government reforms together with decentralisation and public sector management are key qualifications.

Aladeen Shawa

Aladeen Shawa is a Senior Technical Advisor in Local Governance and Local Development with a specialized focus on Local Economic Development (LED). Over the past three decades, he founded an economic development foundation in 1991 through 2001 which provided technology transfer and product development services to micro, small and medium enterprises in Palestine and Jordan. He provided advisory and programming support (as a staff member of the UN capital Development Fund) to several states in Africa and the Middle East and North Africa Region (2004-2015) on decentralization reforms, the strengthening of local government systems and the promotion of local (economic) development. Developed an integrated LED promotion framework, which is currently being piloted in the Arab States Region and has been formally adopted for rollout in Palestine. He worked with the UNDP Regional Hub for the Arab States (2015-17) on the development of a Regional Initiative for local government reform and local development promotion and provided country specific technical support to UNDP country offices in the region. Aladeen holds Bachelor Degrees in Architecture and Construction Engineering from Temple University in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, A Masters in Architecture (Urban Design) and Masters in City Planning (Public Policy and Economic Development) from MIT in Cambridge Massachusetts and a MBA from Columbia University in New York. 

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